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Panerai Luminor GMT Bucherer BLUE

Despite their rich history, the watchmaker Panerai and Bucherer BLUE are always in quest for innovation to amaze true watch connoisseurs around the world. Both brands love to play with expectations, pushing their limits and encouraging each other to forward thinking and unexpected creations: The Panerai Luminor GMT Bucherer BLUE

Reinterpretation of an icon

Functional quality meets with a cosmopolitan thrill
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Limited to 288 pieces

The Panerai Luminor GMT Bucherer BLUE showcases a timeless appeal of the iconic Luminor family with a new audacity. The limited special edition for Bucherer BLUE reflects Swiss watchmaking art paired with Italian design and Panerai’s maritime heritage. The sophisticated technology of a precision instrument with its masculine roughness featured in its ceramic case, pairs with elegance and cosmopolitan thrill thanks to a GMT function, one of Panerai’s most popular travel complications. The exclusive details of the Panerai Luminor GMT Bucherer BLUE give their wearers a visual statement and constant reminder to search for new horizons in lust for adventures…

Swiss watchmaking art paired with Italian design

Appreciate the reinterpretation
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Available exclusively at Bucherer

The new masterpiece of the Bucherer BLUE collection will appeal to experts who appreciate the reinterpretation of one of the most iconic Panerai model, combining contemporary design with traditional features. It will further excite watch lovers with a special affection for the unique history and heritage of watchmaker Panerai, who first created the Luminor Marina’s predecessor decades ago for the Italian Navy’s divers and submariners.

Commitment to sustainability

Search for new horizons in lust for adventures

Combining contemporary design with traditional features

Panerai has strong associations with the color blue, reflecting its maritime heritage and timepieces the company has created for different types of marine activities. To honor and protect this legacy, Panerai is developing new, ecological friendly products under the Panerai Ecologico project: Both Panerai Luminor GMT Bucherer BLUE straps are obtained from recycled PET bottles and therecycled ABS packaging shell underlines the Maison’s commitment towards sustainability.