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One of Switzerland’s leading watch manufacturers, Carl F. Bucherer was founded in 1888 in Lucerne. It is world-renowned for skilfully producing remarkable mechanical movements and timepieces in its own manufacture, all with a distinctive aesthetic that exemplifies elegance and refinement.

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Carl F. Bucherer Collections

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Carl F. Bucherer Manero Peripheral 40.6 mm wristwatch, steel automatic with date round 3 atm dial: alligator strap with folding clasp, Ref.:00.10917.08.23.01, 00.10917.03.33.01.


An outstanding new timepiece, the Manero Peripheral marries all the aspects that have made Carl F. Bucherer what it is today: world-class engineering and classic watchmaking traditions. It is for these elements that the timepiece is the ideal canvas to introduce the CFB A2000, the company’s newest in-house calibre.


Watchmaking skills, technical innovations and continuity are values that define Carl F. Bucherer. The Adamavi range is a collection that stands for the pleasure provided by timeless design and for a unique philosophy: the striving to preserve things of proven value. The principle of holding on to the proven values of the past is embodied in the classic appearance of the watches in the Adamavi family. The very name Adamavi stands for a feeling that these watches trigger in the wearer: translated from the Latin, Adamavi literally means ‘to come to love something’ or ‘to take pleasure in something’. Because all the models in the range are characterized by timeless simplicity and mechanical reliability, they are more than just timepieces. They are true companions whose visual appeal will outlast the short-lived trends of our present time, conferring an aura of reliability and continuity upon their owners.


A luxury watch manufacturer with a rich heritage, Carl F. Bucherer strays from just following trends and stays true to the values of the Bucherer Group and its inspiring founder, Carl Friedrich Bucherer. The Bucherer BLUE Manero Peripheral timepiece attests to these beliefs and the brand’s extraordinary craftsmanship: "The petrol blue dial was created especially for this model and is an intriguing contrast to the stainless steel case and the dark blue alligator leather strap. It is also a homage to the city of Lucerne, Switzerland, where we have our roots – and whose coat of arms contains the colour blue", says Renato Bonina, Managing Director Europe of Carl F. Bucherer.


Lucerne, Chapel Bridge.

Founded in 1888 in Lucerne, Carl F. Bucherer is a luxury Swiss watchmaker known for its visionary talents and independent passions. The company was created when Carl Friedrich Bucherer believed that traditional pocket watches would soon be eradicated and lose popularity in favour of the wristwatch. An inventive entrepreneur, Carl F. Bucherer opened a watch and jewellery shop in Lucerne and soon became widely known for inventiveness and quality. The shop quickly became a family business with one of his sons training as a watchmaker while the other became a goldsmith. Now, the combination of these two skillsets and arts is translated into the timepieces produced by Carl F. Bucherer today.