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Unexpected contrasts

How to wear your watch
“I wear my story. Everything says something about who I am. Probably my watch says it best. How I mix things up. Every day is different.” Taking cues from travel, cultural moments, films and art, among other sources of influence, our cast of multifaceted creators styles their certified pre-owned watches through a unique lens. Selecting the best elements of a pool of references that cross eras, they create something personal and indefinable: their style.

Simon Crompton

Understated elegance
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Simon is wearing a rose gold IWC Schaffhausen Portuguese Chronograph, Reference IW371480

"How do I dress? Classic elegance. Taking those principles of simple, elegant dressing in quality clothes that have been picked with real consideration to fit well, then making it modern and relevant. When that comes to watches, that means pieces that are classic designs and quite understated and simple."

Meriç Canatan

A collage of influences
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Meriç is wearing a rose gold Cartier Tank Solo XL, Reference W5200026

“I like a classic style but with a modern twist. My watch is a French classic, but it also has that modern twist. I grew up in the nineties, so I love jeans, sweatshirts, and sneakers. I have to be comfortable in what I’m wearing, but my watch brings elegance into that.”

Aimée Gillingwater

Beauty through music
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Aimée is wearing a yellow gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Reference 14700BA

"The way I would describe my style is a mixture of classic and contemporary. I'm someone who loves a whole multitude of different things, and I think there's such beauty in contrast and juxtaposition. Something I really like about style, combining things like bigger watches with classic pieces or wearing something that's more contemporary with a classic little watch."

Lee Jay Hoy

Old Hollywood class
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Lee is wearing a stainless steel Vacheron Constantin Overseas, Reference 42042

“I was brought up watching classic Hollywood movies, and it was the likes of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly who inspired me to become a dancer. Now I’ve gone back to these movies to look at clothing and how I dress. I like to wear an elegant watch with a casual look, a bit of denim, a tiger collar, high-waisted trousers. I like to give it a bit of a contrast, a bit of elegance.”

Chucho Ajene

Expression through music
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Chucho is wearing a stainless steel IWC Schaffhausen Portuguese Chronograph, Reference IW371417

“As I wake up in the morning, whatever music I’m listening to determines what I’m going to wear. You can get a lot from someone just by looking at the way they dress, it’s a form of nonverbal communication. I feel the watch is the finishing touch, it uplifts the whole outfit.”

Aaron Christian

Balance of contrasts

Bucherer BLUE

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Aaron is wearing a stainless steel Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Reference 15300ST

“It’s a mix between sartorial and contemporary fashion elements. I think for me my personal style it’s always about balance. And I think with the watch, it’s about doing that. I wanted to keep the watch classic, and it really does contrast with the jacket. It’s in the same world as the jacket, but it’s a statement piece, so it doesn’t feel too unbalanced."