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Sotheby's at Bucherer

Discover Sotheby's Luxury Week: Geneva
Highlights from Sotheby’s Luxury Week Sales in an exclusive cross-category pre-auction exhibition simultaneously exhibited at Bucherer Zurich and Geneva: Celebrating Timeless Wonders - from Sneakers to Diamonds, from Complications to Simplicity.
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Celebrating Timeless Wonders

The newest cooperation between Bucherer and Sotheby’s in Switzerland again is a celebration of the shared values of heritage, trust, authenticity and expertise and the very latest trends in luxury collecting. When visiting the Bucherer boutiques in Zurich and Geneva from October 18th to October 30th 2021, luxury afficionados can discover a wide array of highlights from Sotheby’s upcoming Luxury Week sales in exclusive pre-auction exhibitions.


Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned | Cartier Ballon Bleu

This Ballon Bleu de Cartier is a rare find from the Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned collection and a unique member of the French fine jewelry house’s watch family. Introduced in 2007, the Ballon Bleu line combines the technical craft of watchmaking with a fine jewelry sensibility. 


Bucherer Fine Jewellery | Gem set & diamond earrings

Clip d'oreilles "Crépuscule et l'aube". The stylized design of an owl's plumage is symbolized with the unusual color combination of orange mandarin garnets and pastel colored spinels from Vietnam the period between the evening glow and the dawn, the time during which this shy night bird awakes to its mysterious life.