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An Icon in Timekeeping

Two parallel brancards – the well-established signature of the Tank watch
Bucherer presents an iconic piece of watchmaking history – The Cartier Tank. This watch comes in many different iterations but is consistently recognized by its unique appearance: the curved and rounded brancards, a matching inlaid crown, predominantly satin finishes, and a rectangular dial.
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In 2017, the Cartier Tank celebrated its 100th anniversary with new variations. This iconic timepiece, worn by luminaries like Princess Diana, Muhammad Ali, and Andy Warhol, was inspired by the Renault FT-17 tanks from WWI and the Cubism movement. The Cartier Tank gained prominence in Hollywood, with figures like Rudolph Valentino elevating its status. By the late 1970s, the brand surged in popularity under the Les Must de Cartier line.

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Tank Française

In the early 20th century, Louis Cartier envisioned a watch with streamlined shapes by incorporating the circular face with the line of the bracelet. This groundbreaking concept led to the creation of the Tank watch in 1917, which quickly gained popularity leading to various iterations, including the Tank Française in 1996. 

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Tank Louis Cartier

The Tank Louis Cartier is seen as the archetype Tank, guiding the design of all that followed. As the name implies, this watch was the preferred timepiece of Louis Cartier himself. Introduced in 1922, this design softened the pronounced edges of the original Tank, presenting them in more graceful proportions. The Tank Louis Cartier is celebrated for its sophisticated Art Deco flair, featuring a slightly extended rectangular case and more delicate, rounded brancards that blend flawlessly into the strap.