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Zenith Pilot Flyback

Zenith has always appealed to fans of vintage military chronographs, last year the brand released a limited edition of its well-known Cairelli which was issued to the Italian military in the 1960s.The brand’s new Pilot flyback is an up-to-date version of what is considered a classic.

Following World War 2 and the increase of military aviation, international air forces began requesting purpose-built chronograph watches. The Aeronautica Militare Italiana better know as the Italian Air Force had a need for one which led to the Zenith Cronometro Tipo CP-2 being made. 2, 500 units were ordered between 1960-70 and supplied to the Italian Army. They were instantly recognisable due to the large 43mm case, which in the 60s was seen as very big despite how common that may be now. The originals were fitted with a black dial and bright luminescent Arabic numerals and hands finished with a notched rotating bezel. Inside the piece was the calibre 146 DP, a hand-wound, two register movement created by Zenith’s in-house workshop.

One of the most notable parts of the new Pilot Cronometro Tip CP-2 Flyback is that it’s powered by the El Primero flyback chronograph movement with the addition of a sturdy, vintage military aesthetic. To keep with tradition it has a 43mm case with an aged bronze finish. Zeniths have even stuck to the original design by keeping a date window at bay.

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