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What makes a Rolex watch so special?

No one brand dominates the watch market quite like Rolex. A Rolex is the corner stone of every luxury watch collection and the name resonates with watch lovers the world over. But what is it about a Rolex watch that makes it so special? We explore what distiguishes a Rolex watch from other models out there, in a series of videos produced by the brand…


At the heart of every automatic Rolex timepiece is a Swiss made Rolex Oyster Perpetual movement produced entirely in-house. Every Rolex movement undergoes an extensive ‘exacting’ process, which can take well over a year to complete. It begins with hundreds of finely manufactured components and after careful assembly and minute adjustments, the oscillator is positioned. Every Rolex movement is a certified Swiss chronometer. which guarantees long-term high performance.


Finding the most durable material for the Bezel was a challenge for Rolex, so it decided to make its own ceramic instead. Using an exclusive Rolex patented process, the bezel is heated to 1,500 degrees, hardening and purifying the ceramic mix. The entire bezel is then sprayed with gold and polished extensively until the numerals emerge. Virtually indestructable and resistant to scratches, the Rolex bezel (which takes more than 40 hours to produce) has been built to withstand more abrasion than any other part of the watch.