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Watches as wedding rings

As we continue further into 2017, the idea of a ‘gay wedding’ is no longer seen as niche thanks to an increased open-mindedness across the globe – the world isn’t such a bad place after all, it seems. Let The Watch Gallery throw tradition to the wind with our round-up of watches as wedding rings.

In recent years, the concept of marriage has been firmly and finally rearranged to suit the modern world – no longer does matrimonial bliss involve the exclusive partnership of a man and woman. Good job, society. But just as conventions change over time, so too does tradition and all the horse-and-carriage customs that come with it – most importantly, the practise of exchanging rings. Gay men tying the knot are increasingly shunning golden bands for golden watches as the timepiece takes centre stage; great news for us at The Watch Gallery, no?

The custom of receiving a watch as a gift on the run up to a wedding is hardly new. For decades, the bride’s family often presented the groom with a watch of note to be worn on the big day (and happily ever after, ideally). However, as gents across the world are now able to marry other gents across the world, the age old formula has been reinvented – of course, same-sex weddings are a refreshingly new ceremony and grooms understandably want to do things a little differently.

Whether matching or in contrast, a classic dress watch is the ultimate symbol of craftsmanship and like a marriage, is designed to last a lifetime (or at least you’d hope so). Spring often brings a slurry of engagements – we blame the cheery weather and approaching wedding season – and if you’re lucky enough to be getting hitched to your hubby on the horizon, take some inspiration from our hand-picked selection.


For those aesthetically-concerned grooms, looking to French granddaddy of style Cartier is guaranteed to bring matrimonial bliss. The historic brand are known for their elegant restraint and creates men’s watches with a strong masculine elegance. Pairing a newly launched Drive De Cartier with a Cle De Cartier could be a strong combination, or choosing two of the iconic and classic Tanks, either on a leather strap or bracelet.


With more of a Prosecco than a Champagne budget, Tissot is the finest in affordable chic. For a timeless yet traditional timepiece to go with your morning suit (and whatever you’ll be wearing until death do you part) we can recommend the Le Locle, on a classic leather strap, or for a more unusual look, the T-Classic in a stunning rose gold.


A sartorialists’ stalwart, IWC would be a solid choice for the discerning groom- “engineered for men” is one of the brand’s taglines. The brand has a great reputation for making exceptional watches with understated style, just the sort of thing you’d want to wear forever. The Portofino is a perfect dress watch with everyday appeal- so it will go with whatever you choose to wear down the aisle, and work for your happily ever after too.