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Tudor watch sells for 75x its value

Every Tudor watch owner is feeling incredibly smug right now after the news that the iconic Black Bay Bronze sold for over 75 times its low estimate at the Only Watch charity auction in Geneva this week.

The most important result from the auction was the world record set for the sale of the Black Bay Bronze wristwatch; sold for a whopping 350, 000 Swiss francs. This kind of price hike isn’t an accurate representation of all the models from Tudor and owners shouldn’t expect the same from, say, the Style or Glamour model.

Tudor Black Bay Bronze One for Only Watch 2017
Tudor Black Bay Bronze One for Only Watch 2017

Admittedly, this isn’t the first time a Tudor watch has excessively exceeded its estimate – a Black Bay One sold for 100 times its low estimate in 2015. The additional promise of a tour at Tudor’s headquarters definitely helped the garner the 350, 000 but it just clarifies that Tudor’s popularity is growing and it could one day grow to become as popular as its parent company, Rolex.

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