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Ever faithful to its long tradition of blue sports watches, TUDOR has launched a “Navy Blue” version of its flagship model, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight. This iconic watch earned its name from its colour, of course, but also from the year 1958 in which the first TUDOR divers’ watch was presented.

Among other aesthetic nods to this historic watch, this new model offers a 39 mm diameter case in keeping with the characteristic proportions of the 1950s. Ideal for slim wrists, vintage enthusiasts and people who like more compact watches, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight “Navy Blue” carries on with the long TUDOR tradition of blue sports watches. Equipped with the Manufacture Calibre MT5402, this watch has been designed to ensure robustness, longevity, reliability and precision that outperforms current industry standards.

Like other models in the Black Bay range, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight “Navy Blue” adopts TUDOR's characteristic angular hands known as “Snowflake” that appeared in the brand’s 1969 catalogue. This exquisite timepiece is available in three strap variations: riveted steel bracelet, blue jacquard fabric strap and blue ‘soft touch’ strap, to ensure versatility in style for any wearer. The result of a subtle blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary watchmaking, the Black Bay line is far from offering identical rereleases of classics. Resolutely anchored in the present, it brings together close to seven decades of TUDOR divers' watches.

View the new TUDOR Black Bay Fifty-Eight “Navy Blue” below.