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Bradley Simmonds and tracking your progress with the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45

Tracking your progress whilst training for the marathon is essential. Without tracking what you are doing you will lose motivation, have an unclear idea of your progression and therefore lose sight of your performance levels. This is far too risky for a race like the London Marathon.

I think a watch that can connect with your phone to ensure your data is backed up, whilst your music is only a click away, is an essential piece of technology to have as a sports enthusiast, not just an athlete.

However, this week I have been running with the NEW TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 #swissmade watch on my wrist, in light of my partnership with The Watch Gallery. This is modularity the first luxury connected watch made attuned to your touch, engineered in collaboration with Intel. This watch is far more than just the basic essentials…

What I love about this watch is, not only can it do the essentials like track my mileage and health; it has a scratch resistant sapphire cover glass with interchangeable watch faces and straps, allowing me to wear the watch day to night at any occasion. The screen resolution is 400 by 400, extremely clear and easy to read during movement. You have multiple designs to choose from and even have the opportunity to create your own design.

I think this is the perfect watch for someone who enjoys running, fashion and socialising. The watch can go from sporty to slick in a few clicks, so no need to invest in multiple watches. Making this connected sports watch one step ahead of the rest and it doesn’t end there.

It has a built in GPS so I can get live traffic updates, helping me plan my road running routes a lot more efficiently. I can control my music from my wrist; having the right playlist whilst running is essential for me to stay focused and upbeat. My calendar and messages still alert through to the watch too, so basically a personal assistant as well as a tracker. Some people like to switch off whilst running and I understand that so features can be altered to suit your taste.

For me, as a personal trainer, my phone isn’t always in my hand and I can’t afford to miss important emails or phone calls so an all encompassing watch that looks stylish and expensive wins me over every time.

The quality of this watch is second to none, the material and feel for the watch is light but strong and I’ve been tracking my progress with ease. I can’t wait to wear this watch on London Marathon day; it’s been a game changer.

Bradley Simmonds

TAG Heuer Connected 2 Modular 45
From £1,450