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Top 5 Longines watches

Master Collection

Longines Master Collection was formed from research that global trends show a renewed preference for mechanical movements. Longines introduced a collection intended to perpetuate its long watchmaking tradition. The collection is composed entirely of models with mechanical movements; most of which are self-winding. The collection has had its own spin offs; like the Master Collection Retrograde that include timepieces equipped with retrograde functions, developed specifically for these watches.


It’s common nature for many prestigious watchmakers to draw on their past to create new watches; few dew it as well as Longines. The original Flagship was released in 1957 and named for the leading ship of a navy’s commander-in-chief; the collection has always represented incredible value with a combination of high-quality manufacturing and classical design. To date, vintage Longines Flagship watches are still some of the most accessibly priced pieces for collectors.

La Grande Classique

In 1982 Longines celebrated its 150th anniversary with a collection of ultra-slim gold watches called Agassiz. With an impressive case size of 3 mm thin they are still water-resistant. These models have remained in the Longines collection since under the name of La Grande Classique de Longines. By 1983, steady research and development yielded caliber L961, a tiny baguette movement barely 1.75 mm thick, leading to the design of the shockingly slim women’s watches.

Dolce Vita

Taking inspiration from the Italian sweet life, the “Dolce Vita” is worn by women who enjoy simple pleasures. The collection blends geometric lines with soft curves to magnify the contemporary elegance and femininity of the models.

The sizes of the timepieces, as well as the materials that are used distinguish the Dolce Vita models from the rest of the crowd. The watches are comprised of materials including stainless steel, yellow gold, and rose gold. In addition, the timepieces are adorned with exquisite diamonds, adding a luxurious finish to already exceptional watches. The hallmark of the Longines Dolce Vita collection is its rectangular form; a less common aesthetic that reflects strength in character and sets the timepiece apart from other fine women’s timepieces.

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