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Our top 4 Jaeger-LeCoultre watches

Rendez Vous

Founded in a small Swiss workshop in the heart of the Vallée de Joux in 1833, Jaeger-LeCoultre was one of the first watchmakers to offer timepieces for ladies. In the 1880’s, the LeCoultre Calibre 7Hp – which featured a small diameter and diamond adornments – became hugely popular among ladies, who would wear them around their neck.

Fast forward 130 years and Jaeger-LeCoultre are still devoting special attention to ladies’ watches; the Rendez-Vous collection is a tribute to this tradition, and it aims to make modern women look and feel sublime.

Master Ultra-Thin

A recognisable and sleek design, the Master collection frees itself of accessories to focus on the essentials. The Master takes inspiration from the first ultra plate watch created in 1907, the pieces that make up this range have conserved its essence. As fine as they may be, these watches also hide complications. The finest model in the Master collection is at most 4.05mm thick.


Unique to the brand since it’s invention in 1931; created for British officers playing polo in India, the iconic Reverso collection still maintains a timeless aesthetic. With it’s Art Deco styling and peerless swiveling case, this is a watch that can not only transcend time but also capture unique moments with its solid case back, which can be personalised with bespoke engraving and laquering.

The timepiece was designed to withstand the rigors of a game of polo, but also had to appear formal enough to be worn with the players military dress uniforms. An elegant dress watch, but with the ability to slide and flip over the watch face, was the result. The watch was a huge commercial success, so huge that the partnership of Jaeger S.A. and LeCoultre was born, creating the luxury watch brand Jaegar-LeCoultre.

Master Control

Following in the Master footsteps, the Master Control collection is the expression of a watchmaking tradition that has been meticulously refined by Jaeger‑LeCoultre.

Featuring a wide range of functions, the Master Control models bring together a classic appearance and technical features that demonstrate the reliability of the movements developed by the craftsmen. It is the first line that has benefited from the “1,000 hour test” which inspired its name.

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