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Our Top 4 Cartier watches

Ballon Bleu

A beautiful range of watches from the French maison that neatly combines jewellery making sensibilities with the technicalities of watchmaking. Completely unique in its case shape the Ballon Bleu’s name comes from its pebble aesthetic; rounded on both the top and the bottom, it’s rounded on both the top and bottom for a very comfortable wear. The most iconic feature of the watch is the integrated crown guard which slopes over the sapphire cabochon crown.

Sizes vary for the Ballon Bleu, from a small 29mm to a much larger 42mm with the option of steel links and a silvered guilloche dial, bracelets can be made of white gold and even covered in diamonds. The options are endless.

Tank Solo

In 1904, Louis Cartier created the first pilot wristwatch for aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, namely the Santos-Dumont. Alberto complained to Louis Cartier that it was difficult for him to check his pocket watch whilst flying, so Cartier designed a wristwatch for him. In 1917, Cartier took inspiration from the then very new Renault tanks that were used at the front during WWI. Based on the design of the tank, Cartier created three versions of the recognisable wristwatch; the Tank Louis Cartier, the Tank Américaine and the Tank Française.
Drive de Cartier

As is typical for a Cartier, the Drive is of an understated design, with refined proportions and a restrained aesthetic; a cushion-cased dial and those striking, almost monolithic Roman numerals.

There has been much talk in the watch press about what the launch of the Drive represents for Cartier. A move towards more design-oriented timepieces, and a very public playing-down of the importance of their technical prowess? Maybe. The brand seems to be taking the time to look inwards, to decide what in particular Cartier is. A technical watchmaker, or a house of style, or both?

The latest models to join the Drive clubhouse prove that Cartier is sticking with this new-generation classic, and well they should. Anointed with nearly all the house codes- sapphire cabochon set into the dial, sword-shaped hands, and the aforementioned numerals- the Drive is impressive in its bold simplicity, but maintains a thoroughly French flair.

Based on a popular model first released in the early 1980’s, the new  collection pays homage to this iconic look with a square case, screw-down bezel and chain link bracelet.

The Panthère de Cartier is aimed at women, coming in two sizes (small and medium) with case sizes of 22mm and 27mm respectively. The collection ranges from a small, fully-stainless steel version, to bi-colour steel and yellow gold up to a medium white gold and diamond set watch for that high jewellery piece.

Looking for a gift? Bear in mind the jewellery material or colour she normally wears and match the watch accordingly. With steel, yellow gold, rose gold and diamonds you have plenty of options available.