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Time management: Caring for your timepiece

The correct care of your watch is crucial. Here is a six-step guide from Bucherer’s Sabriye Cambulat, online sales manager and Jamie Hardes, technical manager.

Steer Clear of Fluids
Do not use any products or fluids to clean your watch. Always avoid putting your watch in your pocket. The watch should always be wrapped – the glass especially should always be covered or protected. Avoid wearing the watch on the same wrist as any other metal bracelet, as this can often scratch the case sides. Do not adjust the time while wearing the watch. This puts pressure on the crown stem, which may snap; always take the watch off when adjusting the crown.

Get The Watch Serviced
in general, most brands recommend servicing every three to five years. It’s closer to three years with automatic and five with quartz movements. Specific brands have now extended this recommendation to five to 10 years. Servicing is important to maintain the smooth functioning of your timepiece. Similar to a car, the lubrications within the movement can dry over time. If left, this can damage the watch as the movement’s components start to erode against on another. Most brands also recommend a watch be checked for water-resistance every one to two years because seals can perish over time.

Clean With Care
The best way is to use one of the microfibre cleaning cloths provided by the brand at purchase. It’s also a good idea to have your watch polished during servicing – thought having the watch polished too frequently is not recommended as it wears away the metal and can weaken the bracelet.

Avoid Electrical Appliances
It’s always important to be mindful that watches have the potential to become magnetised. This is not desirable as it can make your watch fun fast, particularly with mechanical timepieces. Placing your watch on top of, or next to, a host of everyday items such as electronic devices, washing machines, speakers or refrigerators can cause this to happen.

Put It Back in Its Box
Always place your watch back into its box when it’s not being worn. Place in a pouch when travelling or for storage. These can often be provided by the manufacturer following servicing. Avoid putting the watch in your pocket or loose in a bag. If you don’t have a watch pouch, wrap the watch in soft, protective material. With bracelet watches especially, avoid the metal touching the crystal as it may scratch it.

Hold On To Your Old Toothbrush
Using a spent toothbrush is an easy way to keep your metal watch bracelets clean. Gently brushing in between the links and around the case and simply rinsing afterwards can make an instant difference. Please make sure your watch is waterproof before attempting this, and that the button is screwed down if it is meant to be.

*Taken from The Watch Edit courtesy of Esquire*