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Tag Heuer Updates the Connected for 2018

TAG Heuer’s Connected Modular watch has been incredibly successful since its launch and this year the Connected Modular 41 is back with a bang. Swiss-made, the connected carries a good amount of weight, innovation and quality compared to other wearables. The Connected Modular 41 is water-resistant up to 50 meters (great for those misty morning runs), features a GPS, NFC sensor for contactless payments and customisable dials.

The watch takes in to account smaller wrists too; with a diameter of 41mm it has a secure and streamline fit with a 390 x 390 AMOLED screen. There’s also an increased storage capacity of 8GB and 1GB of RAM making this a fast and powerful piece of technology.

TAG Heuer worked closely with tech giants Intel and Google when developing the watch, bringing the most innovative technology to the wrist. TAG over seven standard models with customisable straps and lugs, with nine strap colours available including the newer pink, blue and white leather. Should the smartwatch face become a bit mundane for you, there’s even an option to replace the smartwatch face with a three-hand mechanical module, with TAG stating that “the connected watch becomes an attractive mechanical watch in just a few clicks”.

A comfortable and unobtrusive timepiece, the watch isn’t too dissimilar to the analogue Carrera watch and as far as sporting needs go the watch simplifies calorie counting, measuring distances on runs and changing straps to suit sporting needs. Additional perks include Bluetooth connectivity which always proves useful for runners and it runs perfectly alongside Android and Apple operating systems.

As we draw closer to the London Marathon, we have partnered with fitness influencer Bradley Simmonds who will be using his TAG Connected to power him through vigorous training.

In the meantime, shop our current TAG Connected range here.