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The Start of Baselworld 2018

For any watch fanatic, there are two events to be marked on the calendar; the first is SIHH which took place in January and the second is this weeks Baselworld. Despite running for over 100 years and dwindling competition; it is still the world’s largest watch-and-jewellery trade show and a huge part of the industry. Baselworld is still the place where many of the world’s top watch and jewellery manufacturers launch their new collections and is considered to be the Paris Fashion Week of the watch world.

Some of the top brands to exhibit at Baselworld include Rolex, Omega, TAG, Breitling and many fine jewellery houses. The glitz and glamour of Baselworld can’t mask the fact the watch industry has suffered, this year’s show has been cut from eight to six days and exhibitor numbers are down by about 400. Several manufactures have complained about the cost of exhibiting and are holding their events off-site in nearby hotels; further reflecting a shift in the industry already seen at SIHH.

Undeterred by change, the world expects big things from the big brands. With new watches from Rolex, Breitling, Breitling and TAG there’s a lot to be excited about from Baselworld 2018.