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Set yourself a goal ready for the Virgin Money London Marathon

No matter how much training you do or how prepared you feel for the marathon, the pressure of taking part in such a big event, it can take its toll if you’re not careful.

When Bradley did the marathon for the first time last year he definitely felt a lot more nervous stepping in to the unknown. However, setting a goal to complete in less than 4 hours gave him a focal point throughout training. This is definitely a tactic he will be taking to this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon. Goal setting is something any fitness enthusiast lives by, so it’s imperative to apply it to challenges like the marathon.

You want to make sure your goal or goals are:

  • Realistic – don’t set yourself up for failure, push yourself but be realistic
  • Motivating – you want this goal to keep you going throughout the race
  • Time Specific – this is optional but I think it will keep you focused on the finish line

Whether it is more of an emotional goal, like completing the race with a charity close to your heart or it’s more of a personal goal like achieving your personal best, this sort of mindset or attitude will certainly get you over that finish line. It resonates so well with TAG Heuer’s slogan #DontCrackUnderPressure – setting that goal, staying focused and smashing the race.

To anyone running the Virgin Money London Marathon this year, get thinking about your goals so that you #DontCrackUnderPressure. Good Luck!