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Piaget now available

Inspired by the iconic turning rings of Possession, Piaget introduces a new collection of feminine watches in playful combinations of gold, diamonds, steel and ornamental stones with a rotating bezel and colourful interchangeable straps.

Symbolic of a world in constant motion where everything and anything is possible, the iconic turning rings of Possession are re-imagined in an alluring collection of women’s watches in signature pairings of gold and diamonds, and new sleek variations in steel. The Possession collection is filled with vibrant coloured ornamental stone dials and dazzling watches set on a precious woven gold chain cuffCustomised with colourful interchangeable straps or playfully stacked with matching gold Possession bangles, Possession opens up a realm of endless possibilities.

As the first ever jewellery creation of its kind, Possession triggered a style revolution by pairing a turning ring with a second rotating ring, creating a playful and sensory experience. The style revolution continues with the latest expressions of Possession watches in captivating gold and diamonds or striking steel. A rotating pink gold bezel set with generous diamonds turns around a red gold band, the constant movement of the ring around the dial reminding today’s modern woman to never stop in her quest to make the world her very own. The silvery dial of the watch is enhanced with diamond dots indicating the hours, while a vibrant lapis blue alligator strap creates a bold contrast. An unapologetically dazzling style statement, a bezel paved with diamonds turns around a ring set with a single line of diamonds gives a white gold watch its luminous intensity. Every gold variation of Possession comes with a choice of two straps so that she can adapt the watch to match her mood or look. In sleek steel, the iconic design reveals its most youthful and minimalist side, providing her with that irresistible invitation to caress the polished surface of its turning rings. A single diamond on the bezel dances circles around the dial as it catches the light.

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