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Panerai ambassador: Guillaume Nery

For its third chapter of its Panerai Traits series, the brand chose French champion Guillaume Néry known for his constant weight free-diving and for breaking four world records.

The Panerai series focuses on the link between the brand and its dedication to the sea and creating tools to accelerate life on and under water. The Panerai website created videos of Guillaume Néry describing in words and images his own passion and flair as he dives in the waters of Villefranche-sur-Mer, the bay near his birthplace Nice, where Guillaume grew up and established his supremacy.

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Breaking his first world record at the young age on 20, free-diving to a depth of 87 metres, Guillaume Néry has raised the limits of this discipline several times. In 2015 he reached the depth of 139 meters in a world record attempt, 10 metres deeper than expected; unfortunately due to an error of measurement from the organisers he lost consciousness a few metres from the surface and the record couldn’t be validated. It remains the deepest dive in freediving competition history.

In 2015 Guillaume Néry retired from competition and since then he has devoted himself to communicating his passion for the sea through meetings, training and expeditions across the world. This makes Guillaume a suitable choice to represent a brand led by water.

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