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Omega wrist - Chronograph limited edition

The First Omega Wrist-Chronograph Limited Edition is comprised of 18 watches that act as reissues of an original watch that dates back to 1913. Thanks largely to the Omega Museum, the 18 watches all receive authentic, 105-year-old refurbished Calibre 18’ Chro movements (one of the earliest reliable wrist-chronograph movements).

Working off the century-old movement, Omega improved the watch by incorporating some of its modern techniques and innovations;  all while keeping the watch classic. The large 47.5mm case, coupled with a large Arabic numeral dial is a nod towards a prominent watch design seen during WWI, and often worn by aviators due to its high level of readability. Other details include a hinge-back case, 15-minute counters, riveted leather strap, blued “Empire” hands, and 18K white gold case. Both the crown and pusher are made in the brand’s 18K Sedna gold, where the crown is located at the typical 3 o’clock position, but the pusher is found at the 6 o’clock position — a detail that dates back to the early days of pocket watches.

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