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SIHH x Jaeger-LeCoultre

Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon Westminster Perpetuel

With a glitzy semi-open dial you can see this watch is complicated just at a first glance. The most glaring part is the spherical gyrotourbilon, a much smaller version that can share real estate with other complications and fit a 43mm case. Other show stoppers include the minute repeater and patented crystal gongs. However, this is no ordinary minute repeater; it’s one that has four sets of hammers and gongs to play the Westminster carillon, the melody of Big Ben. Last but not least is a perpetual calendar for day, date month and year.

From the caseback a one-minute constant-force mechanism is visible; it supplies energy to the power-hungry multi-axis tourbillon. The name for this mechanism is the remontoir d’egalite and is constantly rearmed to ensure the timekeeping mechanism receives impulses of energy even if the mainspring winds down. This is truly an all-singing, all-dancing watch from a brand that can continue to impress after 186 years.

SIHH x Girard-Perregaux

Laureato Perpetual Calendar

A perpetual-calendar iteration of the Girard Perregaux Laureato that comes in stainless steel. It has the typical characteristics of the Laureato; an integrated bracelet, the octagonal bezel and the clous de Paris dial. The day of the week is displayed in sundial style at 9 o’clock, the date sits between 1 and 2, and the leap-year displays is right above a window that opens onto a disk to display the months.

SIHH x Piaget


Constantly refreshing its aesthetic to for the new era, the Polo has seen a few changes, in case size, with bezels and the more recent even offer dauphine hands to create a soft and trustworthy aesthetic. 2018 saw the watch in a gold version and this year the collection explores alternative colours and gem-settings. The 42mm steel Polo comes in rich green hues, with a green dial that changes in tone and interesting depending on its angel and how the light catches the guilloche surface and lastly a dark green alligator strap completes the tonal look.

The second model, also in 42mm is set with 18ct red gold and comes with the option of diamonds. The first version features a halo of brilliant-cut diamonds on the emblematic bezel while the second is fully paved on both dial and bezel.