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Jaeger-LeCoultre: Made of makers

In the heart of the Vallée de Joux, in the Swiss Jura Mountains, the Manufacturer Jaeger‑LeCoultre has continuously renewed its creativity and inventiveness since 1833. One hundred and eighty different expert skills are brought together under one roof, to breathe life into the heart of the watches and to animate each infinitely small component. Design, assemble, decorate or crimp; every different stage required for the creation of a Jaeger‑LeCoultre timepiece is conducted within the Grande Maison.

Since the beginning, the Maison has created more than 1200 calibers, which today have earned it unique renown in the watchmaking industry. Its iconic collections, such as the Reverso which was born of the Art Déco movement in 1931, the Master, with classic and refined masculine lines, or even the Atmos, the pendulum watch with almost perpetual movement, form the foundation for the Manufacturer’s pride and the satisfaction of their loyal clients.

One of the few fully integrated Manufacture that gathers:
o   180 skills under one roof: watchmaking, Rare Crafts – engraving, enamelling, gemsetting, guillochage, sprung balance workshop…
o   Almost 1300 calibres created: from Automatic calibre to the most complicated with several complications such as Perpetual Calendar, Minute Repeater with Gyrotourbillon
o   400 patents: Gyrotourbillon…

Showcasing the mastery of several gemsetting and engraving skills of our jeweller craftsmen, the artisan jeweller decides both the exact positioning and number of stones to be set. Working his material like a sculptor, he carves and carves again progressively.

The story of “Made o Makers” comes from a place of authenticity and showcasing who the Maison really are. An intricate piece like the Rendez-Vous Secret completeley encapsulates Jaeger-LeCoultre’s ethic.


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