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Introducing Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer 02 watch

In the run up to Baselworld 2018, TAG Heuer could no longer hold the details of one of their most anticipated releases, the Carrera Heuer 02. The watch has a familiar but updated look, a new movement and a highly competitive price tag.

Size wise the Carrera Heuer 02 Chronograph comes exclusively in a 43mm wide case and the movement housed inside is the Heuer-02 which has been praised in the Autavia. This chronograph steps it up with its modern mechanics including a column wheel and most notably a vertical clutch. A vertical clutch allows for a slip-free starting of the chronograph. Unlike with a horizontal clutch where two horizontally aligned wheels begin to mesh where one is turning and the other isn’t, here, two plates are pressed against one another. This in turn meshes a turning wheel with a stationary one which isn’t great for at least one of the wheels and can create a jerky movement. However, the vertical clutch gives a completely smooth operation.

The case for the Carrera Heuer 02 continues TAG’s modular construction, where the lugs and the middle of the case are separate pieces allowing for some parts to be mixed and matched. With the added bonus of a water resistant case, to 100m.

While a rumoured release date is set for June 2018, the watch is not yet available and more information is likely to follow post-Baselworld.

In the meantime, shop our current Carrera collection here.