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Hublot at Baselworld 2018


In our continued coverage of Baselworld 2018, we bring you the new novelties from Hublot who continue to innovate with a range of remarkable timepieces.

Big Bang Unico Red Magic

In 2011, Hublot created Magic Gold, the world’s most scratch resistant 18 carat Gold, thanks to an alloy boron carbide (ceramic) and 24 carat Gold, the Swiss watch brand has devoted its innovative approach to ceramic. The invention of a new material – the first vibrantly coloured ceramic – Hublot has once again achieve a world’s first. Designed and produced in-house, by the Hublot R&D team, this invention has been patented. A triple tour de force, the coloured ceramic is innovative in both the material itself and the manufacturing process. In addition to the vibrant colour, it is also harder than conventional ceramics.

Big Bang Unico 42mm

In 2010, Hublot launched its new manufacture movement, the Unico chronograph, which was fitted in its iconic Big Bang model in 2013. Fully designed, developed, machined and assembled by Hublot’s own engineers, micro-mechanics and watchmakers, this chronograph movement went under the codename of Unico HUB 1242. Five years on, the watchmakers from the Nyon manufacture have reworked the structure to offer the all new Unico movement that’s considerably slimmer; giving it perfect dimensions for the 42mm case of the new Big Bang.

Big Bang Sapphire Tourbillon

This year Hublot takes the mastery of sapphire crystal to a new level. The in-house skeleton tourbillon movement is laid bare, help by a strip cut in sapphire. This innovative approach is also completely transparent, as is the case, dial and strap.

Big Bang MP-11

Hublot; the alchemist of high tech materials present its new Big Bang MP-11 in 3D carbon. This ultra-light material has been reinforced with three-dimensional fibre woven resin, shaped into a case inspired by a race engine. Equipped with 7 series-coupled barrels providing 2 weeks of autonomy, this mechanical architecture reveals the in-line cylinders within a 3D case with sides in smoking black.

Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

This year brings the FIFA World Cup and for its 3rd participation as a Branded Licensee, Hublot has created the ultimate watch. A smart watch that will instantly connect you to every decisive second of the matches being played at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The World Cup may still be a few months away but the connected watch will be released in approximately one month!

In the meantime, shop our range of Hublot watches here.