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Buying your first Rolex

Rolex is a brand that requires little introduction, but when it comes to purchasing your first Rolex watch how do you go about picking the right model for you? We asked watch expert Ariel Adams to talk us though his choice timepieces…

There seems to be two types of first Rolex buyers: the person looking to buy into the Rolex brand by looking for a great watch and a sound investment and the person looking to reward him or herself because they’re celebrating something special.


Let me begin with the first group of people. First off, you should be looking for a steel model, robust and scratch resistant it will look great for every day wear. You could opt for a fully steel timepiece, such as the 41mm Datejust with “domed” steel bezel, the smooth polished steel bezel makes a solid dress or business watch. Alternatively, if you have a slightly higher budget, you could choose a watch which is made predominantly from steel but with gold components. A good example is the Datejust II with fluted bezel; all fluted bezels produced by Rolex come in gold.

Rolex is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to technology and it even produces its own patented materials, such as Everose Gold, which features on a lot of its watches.

For something more sporty in style take a look at either the Explorer I or Explorer II

The Explorer I is a 39mm wide classic and is the perfect mix between casual and sporty, it is also a slightly rarer model. Then there is the 42mm wide Explorer II, which is a totally different look as it features a GMT complication. Both watches would make great first time purchases. 


Now, let’s say you are in the second group of people (someone once cleverly told me that brands like Rolex are in the ‘celebration business’) and they’re right in a way. Many people buy their first Rolex to celebrate a great milestone in their life or career and so are looking to splash out with something a bit special. With this in mind, I would recommend a Rolex Daytona as a great first watch to go for.

The 40mm wide chronograph is a classic and is available in any material from steel to solid platinum. A solid gold Daytona (ultimately on a strap) would be a good way to go. Alternatively – and new for 2013 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original Cosmograph Daytona – Rolex launched a special edition Daytona, made entirely of platinum with an ice blue dial.