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Bucherer Fine Jewellery opens permanently at Selfridges

Bucherer Fine Jewellery opens its first, exclusive boutique in one of the most luxurious department stores on one of the busiest shopping streets in the world: Selfridges Department Store on Oxford Street in London. For the last 10 years, the “Wonder Room” has presented pieces from the world’s most famous watch and jewellery brands as well as selected newcomers in a unique atmosphere right on Oxford Street, where British restraint meets fashionable extravagance. Since 28 June 2018, customers have also been enchanted by the selection in the 50 square metres large, sumptuously decorated Bucherer Fine Jewellery boutique.

This is the next step in expanding Bucherer’s presence in London following the success of the pop-up store. Bucherer Fine Jewellery invites shoppers and jewellery lovers to discover its legendary Swiss jewellery craftsmanship and diamond expertise. The first Bucherer Fine Jewellery boutique offers visitors an unusual and immersive way in which to explore the brand and its collections. In inspiring and serene surroundings, the store invites customers on a voyage of exploration into the world of Bucherer Fine Jewellery. Alongside selected items of jewellery displayed beautifully in the sales area, Bucherer Fine Jewellery will also provide an insight into the art of producing exquisite hand-made pieces as practised in its workshops. When visiting the boutique you can expect personalised style advice in five languages and the atelier on-location can also promptly fulfil special customer requests.

Inspired by beauty, curiosity and confidence: Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s history

Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s success story was decisively shaped in the 1920s by Wilhelmina Bucherer-Heeb, the wife of Carl Bucherer, who took over the parent company Bucherer in the second generation. Wilhelmina was a highly emancipated woman whose family owned a lace and fine fabrics factory in Appenzell that designed and produced haute couture collections for Parisian fashion labels.

Even at a young age, Wilhelmina was fascinated by the worlds of fashion and luxury, and she developed a keen sense for both. Together with Carl, she settled in Santiago de Chile, where she opened a watch and jewellery boutique. Mina, as she was known, studied gemmology and became responsible for procuring gemstones. As part of this job, she travelled around the world. Unfortunately she passed away at the age of 28, together with 314 other passengers on the Principessa Mafalada, when the luxury steamship sank off the coast of Brazil on 25 October 1927. To this day the wreck has not been found, which means that the precious jewels that Wilhelmina Bucherer-Heeb had with her have also been lost.

Mina still plays a decisive role in Bucherer Fine Jewellery to this day. Her curious, cheerful and courageous personality continues to inspire the brand. As one of the first women to wear a wristwatch, she is a symbol of confidence and authenticity. She has always represented and continues to represent every woman who wants to to express her personal style through jewellery. This is the spirit contained in the Bucherer Fine Jewellery collections.

Visit the boutique: Selfridges 400 Oxford Street London W1A 1AB