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Bucherer Fine Jewellery extends B Dimension collection with dazzling new creations

Made for women with a flair for unique design, Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s new B Dimension models reinterpret the circle and bring a whole new aesthetic to the shape with unexpected twists. These new pieces are an extension to Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s original B Dimension collection, which launched in 2018 and celebrated a love of craftsmanship, passion for art and the pinnacle of design expertise.

Inspired by the work of artist Ellsworth Kelly, who is known for his use of geometric forms, the B Dimension collection focuses on the refined folded circle and brings it to life with three-dimensional elements. The angled semi-circles are made to be a miniature work of art – the symmetry of the circles was meticulously maintained while ensuring the angles created the perfect play between light and shadow.  These masterfully crafted rings, bangles, necklaces and earrings now come in new sizes and alloys, the addition of rose and yellow gold, with variations of half or full exquisite diamond pavé.

With the new models coming in different sizes, the new B Dimension line is perfect for layering and mixing with larger pieces from the original collection. Combined with your personal style, they create a truly unique and individual look, giving free reign to your creative side.

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