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Bremont create watch for Tom Hardys Venom character

To celebrate the launch of Tom Hardy’s new film Venom, Bremont have released a special U-2/51-JET watch; the same watch that appears on the wrist of Eddie Brock (Hardy’s character) in the film. Like the symbiote Venom suit worn in the film, the watch comes in a dark and stealthy appearance, with a 43mm DLC Trip-Tick case, a black leather strap, and smoke-tinted glass.

The watch also features Bremont’s signature vintage ‘51’ lume, heat-treated steel blue hands, a display back design and is powered by a modified calibre 11 1/2 BE-36AE movement that’s COSC certified. Another unique detail to this watch can be seen at the 4 o’clock position/crown where you can see Bremont’s patented inner bi-directional Roto-Click bezel. Head over to the Bremont webstore to find out more.

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