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With the start of a new month and summer winding down, it’s the time of year when we think about a new office wardrobe. Whether you work in a formal 9-to-5 or enjoy a casual dress code, jewellery can express your personal style while remaining professional for any meeting. Find our top picks below from Bucherer Fine Jewellery that will make you excited to get dressed for work.


Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s new B Dimension pieces now come in rose gold and yellow gold, two classic metals that match elegantly with any outfit. The entire collection is minimalist but with a strong design concept, using refined angled semi-circles with exquisite diamond pavé to create miniature works of art. Available in masterfully crafted rings, bangles, necklaces and earrings in various sizes and alloys, the entire B Dimension collection is designed to be mixed and matched to express your unique character. The simplicity of the folded circles makes the pieces perfect to wear to the office and can be paired beautifully to add a touch of sparkle to any flowy blouse, formal dress or pair of jeans.

Shop the B Dimension collection here


Brighten up any autumn workwear with colourful pieces of jewellery from Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s Peekaboo collection.  The collection offers a wide range of stones in different hues, from pastel morganites to strong peridot stones, to suit any mood and attire.  Rings from the Peekaboo range are guaranteed to make an impact when worn stacked together, whilst delicate pendants and earrings will elegantly complement any workwear. Pair your classic black blazer with sophisticated tones of pink-coloured morganites and blue aquamarines to add a subtle hint of colour that is sure to elevate your business casual wardrobe. 

Shop the Peekaboo collection here