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bucherer fine jewellery launches breathtaking additions to the b dimension collection



The B Dimension collection by Bucherer Fine Jewellery is renowned for its effortless understatement, minimalist design and breathtaking brilliance. Now, the esteemed jewellery house has released new additions to the collection that embodies a unique fusion of outstanding creativity and meticulous craftsmanship. Inspired by contemporary art, the B Dimension collection breaks the rules of geometry with its unique three-dimensional interpretation of the circle that creates an exquisite interplay of light and shadow.

The latest creations from the B Dimension collection come in different widths, from slim to bold, and all-gold alloys to match different tastes and personalities. With reinterpreted design elements and the introduction of baguette-cut diamonds, the additions carry a striking variety of pendants, bangles and hoop earrings that emphasize the creative and art-loving side of the collection.

Designed to allow for the ultimate expression of personal style, the B Dimension collection is deliberately understated and elegant to enable the creation of countless looks. With B Dimension, everything is possible, from a minimalistic look with a show-stopper ring to an instant, trendy style upgrade by stacking rings of different sizes and materials. This line from Bucherer Fine Jewellery is perfect for the modern woman who enjoys mixing and matching different pieces to create her own wearable art.

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