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Baselworld 2019 Gucci

The selection from this year’s Baselworld has been nothing but bold, brazen and full of newness. Gucci takes the fashion spotlight to revive its watch collection.  The G-Timeless automatic line takes a different direction than its predecessors with eight bold designs. Heavily featuring Gucci’s signature bee motif overlaid on stone dials, the buckles bear interlocking G designs, while the straps provide interchangeable options, ranging from black alligator to brown lizard. Meanwhile, the G-Timeless contemporary sees a unique design inspired by the brand’s Kingsnake art, encompassing a mesh pattern on the dial and steel bracelet resembling snakeskin.

Gucci also launched a line of new unisex watches called Grip; which blends its timeless style with modern influences. The four new quartz timepieces feature a square case overlaid onto a rotating dial, with three openings that displays the hour, minute and date. The watches have gold PVD and calf leather straps, these chic finishes provide functionality and durability for wearers.

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