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Artful cuts

Focus on the pear cut
The high art of gemstone and diamond cutting brings forth some of the most beautiful shapes, from the playful heart cut to the geometric emerald cut or the traditional brilliant cut. The pear shape is immediately noticeable. In this article, we discuss how this unusual cut came to be and the perfect occasions to wear it.

Perfection in form

A cut that revolutionised craftsmanship
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For sparkling moments

The story of the pear cut is inextricably linked with the Flemish diamond cutter Lodewyk van Bercken. In the middle of the 15th century, he revolutionised the diamond industry with a new polishing wheel, known as a scaif. This allowed for more complicated cuts and even more symmetry and brilliance. In terms of craftsmanship, the pear cut is a combination of the elliptical marquise cut and the traditional round brilliant cut.

These days, it has become renowned as one of the more complicated cuts. Anyone looking for something unusual and unique is sure to fall in love with the pear-shaped diamond. Thanks to its distinctive shape, out of all the different diamond cuts, the pear cut is immediately recognisable.

Outstanding eye-catcher

Unmistakeable and unique
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Masterful mixing

As a solitaire, pear-cut diamonds have a unique appeal, but they also stand out beautifully when in combination with other gemstones. Their unusual shape makes pear-cut diamonds a true eye-catcher and immediately draws attention to the wearer’s ring finger.

Our tip: different cuts and shapes can be combined with one another to create wonderful works of art. How about a heart-shaped diamond as a romantic symbol of love or a sign of eternal friendship? With its clean, geometric form, the emerald cut goes with practically everything. Those who prefer soft curves will be happiest with a traditional brilliant cut, a cushion cut or an oval cut. In addition to colourless diamonds, more colourful variants are currently on trend. Choose from a wide selection of your personal favourites and discover all the surprises the Joy line from Bucherer Fine Jewellery has to offer.