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Watch services

Watch services are very important to Bucherer. Since 1888, we have been carrying a wide range of renowned international watch brands. The manufacturers of these watches have certified our ateliers, which means that our around 80 watchmakers are authorised across Europe to independently perform service work and repairs on these watches – a testament to our many years of experience and expertise.

Our service team are happy to help--be it a battery replacement, pressure testing, maintenance or complete overhaul service. We are proud to offer a Service Centre based in Selfridges London where we have a team dedicated to meet your needs.

After a complete overhaul, Bucherer offers a two-year service warranty on all brand-name watches. This warranty excludes damage caused by an accident or improper handling of the watch.

A detailed look at Bucherer’s watch services

We recommend that you have our certified specialists check your watch every two years. Every five years, we will completely overhaul your timepiece. Our watch services also include many additional services to ensure a long service life for your watch.

Battery Replacement

If the seconds hand of your electronic watch in EOL mode only moves every four seconds or the watch has come to a complete standstill, it is time to have the battery changed by an authorised specialist retailer. We endeavour to perform most battery changes within our Service Centre however any specialist timepieces that require manufacturer attention, we will happily facilitate this. With timepieces which can be worked on within our Service Centre, depending on the workload and availability of our technician, we can often provide this service within a few hours.

Bucherer’s watch services include having an expert replace the battery    

Our experts open the case with special tools. First, they clean the electrical contacts. After replacing the battery, they close the case using the appropriate tool as per the manufacturer specifications.

The specialists measure the current consumption and check that the watch is waterproof according to the manufacturer’s standards. Afterwards, they clean the case and strap before checking the strap and clasp, adjusting them as necessary.

Strap Replacement & Adjusting a Mechanical Watch

If your watch is too fast or slow despite regular maintenance, our expert consultants or watchmakers will solve the problem. They will find out whether an adjustment could optimise the watch’s accuracy.

Whether or not your timepiece is purchased from us, we work very closely with most manufacturers to be able to order straps or links to be provided to you. With the vast majority of brands, we require the model reference and specification of your request in order to provide a price and lead time for your special order. Such enquiries can be raised by email, over the phone or in-store.

The following tasks are part of the adjustment of a mechanical watch at Bucherer:

First, our employees check all of the movement functions. They use special tools to open the case and adjust the accuracy. Then, they close the case again using the appropriate tool as per the manufacturer specifications.

In addition, they make sure the watch is waterproof and clean the case and strap. They also check the strap and clasp and adjust them appropriately. Finally, they check the accuracy on a simulator for 48 to 72 hours.

Watch Servicing

Every four to six years, you should have your mechanical watch completely overhauled. For electronic watches, it suffices to have them overhauled every six to eight years, but you should have them overhauled sooner if you notice that a battery is only lasting for about another six months.
Complete servicing involves the disassembling, cleaning and lubrication of components of the existing movement. Worn movement components such as a battery for quartz models are replaced and new gaskets for water resistance are fitted. The movement would then be reassembled. Some brands may include polishing, new crown or new hands fitting in complete servicing however others may propose these chargeable. Our special watch services also include having trained surface finishers carefully sand and polish the exterior of your watch. After servicing, your watch will shine like new.

Glass Replacement

A glass which is smashed or has a deep crack will require full servicing. This is due to the factor of fragments of glass and the possibility of moisture entering the movement of the timepiece. Most watch brands require receipt of the watch in order to estimate the glass replacement alongside a full service to be performed. It is only with a full or maintenance service that the manufacturers will provide some form of guarantee for the time keeping of the movement. Please do visit our Service Centre with your timepiece and our dedicated team will happily assist.

Watch Maintenance

Each brand or particular specialist models may differ slightly in their recommendations. Generally speaking, it is advised to have your timepiece water resistance checked every 12 months to ensure the expected water resistance levels are met. A maintenance service (battery in quartz models), new gaskets and ultra sonic cleaning is recommended every 2 years.

Watch Polishing

The process required to polish a watch removes a very small amount of case/bracelet metal. It is often difficult to remove heavy dents or scratches without compromising the shape of the timepiece. For this reason, polishing is generally not recommended outside of the regular service intervals. With many brands, a polish is included in complete servicing however, with a few brands a polish would be an additional fee to a service proposal. Polishable metals include stainless steel, pure gold and platinum products.

Contact Us

More than 80 watchmakers work in Bucherer’s service centres across Europe.
Whether you require partial or full servicing or a battery replacement, use our contact form for initial remote diagnostics and consultation. You can also visit us in one of our stores and our trained employees will be happy to help. In order to offer you the best watch services possible, we first need to identify your watch model and check whether and where it can be repaired. To do so, we require the following information from you: the case reference (usually engraved on the case back) and the material (fineness stamp). You can enter these directly in our service contact form.
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