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Style my moment

Accessorise with Jewellery
Style my moment shows you how to add the finishing touches to your look. Precious pieces of jewellery are the heart and soul of any outfit. They complete a look and turn it into something truly special. Jewellery has the power to make you feel radiant and glamorous. Discover exceptional pieces of jewellery suitable for a wide range of occasions, and let us show you how to select and combine the right items.

Get ready for a walk

Unique pieces of jewellery for favourite everyday moments

Radiant highlights for a stroll

Actress Antje Traue loves going for walks and letting her mind wander. She tells us about her personal choice of jewellery for adding that special something to her look.

Tip 1: Delicate jewellery from Peekaboo is a good match for light materials. The pastel-coloured gemstones add cheerful accents to your outfit and are easy to combine with each other.

Tip 2: In cooler weather, warm feel-good looks are the fashionable first choice. Expressive pieces of jewellery such as the Variato ring and diamond-encrusted bangle are stylish eye-catchers that come into their own together with your outfit. A great way to add sparkling accents and make your individual look even more unique.

Virtual call

Choosing the right piece of jewellery

Accessorising for a video call

Actress Antje Traue is preparing for a video call with some colleagues. She is mixing and matching different pieces of jewellery to complete her outfit.

Tip 1: Jewellery is a great way to express your sense of style, even on a video call. Just keep an open mind and let your creative side run wild. Combining different cuts and alloys creates wonderfully subtle reflections.

When dressing for a formal virtual interview, don’t be afraid to go bolder. Sparkling diamond rings are sure to make an impression.

Tip 2: Diamonds are a classic, elegant choice and always ideal if you’re going for full-on glamour. They are the perfect complement to a sparkling personality in a virtual interview.