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Style my Moment

Coloured jewellery for a monochrome statement
What colour speaks to you today? Voice your personal version of colourful emotions. Choose the jewellery piece with gems in bold block hues or dopamine-inducing pastel shades to express the mood of the moment.

Monochrome matches

Round off your look
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Paint the town

The colour is in the details. Play with the different hues of the Bucherer Fine Jewellery gems to pair the brightly coloured pieces with your look for bold monochrome nuances that weave themselves through the complete outfit. Select the complementary jewellery pieces to even go with hair and makeup for a styling that matches the emotion of the moment.
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When the mood is not bright and bold, the softness of dreamy, flowy colours in the pastel spectrum for more delicate accents makes for a more subtle statement. Be it powder blue, mint green or blush pink, experiment with the jewellery pieces with light pastel-coloured gemstones for looks that make anyone blush.
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