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Watchmaking as an art form
Representing a superior level of fine watchmaking, the universe of Haute Horlogerie brings new meaning to the words innovation, accuracy and excellence. At the intersection of precision engineering and artistic creation, Masterworks allows artists from various creative disciplines to interpret the high art of watchmaking through a conceptual lens. This unique rendering will filter traditional techniques through futuristic and abstract ideas, creating an exciting world for Haute Horlogerie in which past, present and future live simultaneously.


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The Masterworks: Watchmaking as an art form

Peek inside the watch’s face, and you’ll be transported to a fascinating and intricate world of complex engineering where each unique piece plays its part. These minute connections stand on their own as an artful expression of mechanical complications and filter centuries of horologic precision through modern lenses. A statement of proficiency and beauty, a watch becomes a refined object that hides a marvellous inner universe where past, present and future live simultaneously. This is art without limits at the service of grand creations. This is the world of Haute Horlogerie.
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A New Standard Height: The artist’s skilful expression

At the ticking heart of each Haute Horlogerie watch is an artist. Micron tolerances demand steady hands and a solid knowledge of ancient techniques. In these timekeeping instruments, the delimited anatomy is pushed beyond its movements and particularities, reflecting the dedicated passion and outstanding mastery. Let these skilled master artisans inspire your desires and discover the unrivalled expertise and ability that creates these artworks.
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Where Tradition and Genius Clash: Beauty beyond possible

From classic styles to profusely decorated models, the world of Haute Horlogerie caters to our most fantastic dreams and inspires a tourbillon of emotions. Limitless genius blurs knowledge with craftsmanship and stretches the possibilities of creation further than the limits of our own imagination.