The B Dimension collection by Bucherer Fine Jewellery is renowned for its effortless understatement, minimalist design and breathtaking brilliance. Inspired by contemporary art, each piece in the collection is a wearable work of art in itself, while the unique three-dimensional interpretation of the circle breaks the rules of geometry and effects an exquisite interplay of light and shadow. The new pieces, from slim to bold, take this approach to a new level with reinterpreted design elements and baguette-cut diamonds.

Text: Lucerne, June 22nd 2020

With B Dimension, Bucherer Fine Jewellery uses a unique design language that reimagines a traditional geometric shape. Its sleek, minimalist design and precious materials make B Dimension the desired luxury jewellery collection for effortlessly elegant, modern women with an eye for clean lines and shapes. 

A three-dimensional interpretation of the circle

The Bucherer Fine Jewellery ateliers have brought to life a major innovation and masterpiece of design in this collection. The three-dimensional, refined folded circle remains the distinctive design element of B Dimension, where art-inspired, clean geometric shapes and delicate details are brought together in a unique fusion of outstanding creativity and meticulous craftsmanship. The innovative angle of the circle in combination with exquisite diamonds creates magical reflections of light for a breathtaking brilliance which makes B Dimension the epitome of sophistication.

Masterful minimalism reinterpreted

The latest creations of Bucherer Fine Jewellery combine elegant understatement with a virtuosic new interpretation of the iconic B Dimension circle. For the new pieces, small and delicate golden circles are strung together to create pure light reflections for a fascinating interplay with brilliant diamonds. In another first sure to make the collection an object of desire for any diamond lover, B Dimension introduces stunning baguette-cut diamonds to the pieces as minimalistic highlights. Sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds and clean baguette-cut stones, together with the pure reflection of the golden circles, ensure a captivating brilliance. 

The new rings come in different widths, from slim to bold, and all-gold alloys to match different tastes and personalities. The striking variety of pendants, bangles and hoop earrings emphasizes the creative and art-loving side of the collection, inspiring women to create diverse and eye-catching styles by stacking and layering different pieces to create their very own wearable art.

The ultimate expression of personal style

The deliberately understated and modern design of the B Dimension collection enables the creation of countless looks. It is designed to allow for the ultimate expression of personal style by experimenting, mixing, matching, stacking and layering with the different lines of the collection. With B Dimension, everything is possible, from a minimalistic look with a show-stopper ring to an instant, trendy style upgrade by stacking rings of different sizes and materials. The choice of how to create the perfect set with the different B Dimension pieces lies with the woman who wears them. For an eye-catching style, the line with diamonds adorning the entire surface of the gold plate creates unparalleled brilliance; alternatively, the half-pavé design affords a minimalistic, clean shine, where the brightness of the diamonds complements the shimmer of the pure gold surface. The high-end jewellery pieces are given an exquisite finish with the addition of larger brilliant diamonds, resulting in the ultimate luxurious interplay of light and shadow.


Today, Bucherer Fine Jewellery is one of the leading brands in the European jewellery industry and looks back on a long tradition. The brand is known for its precious diamonds and rare gemstones as well as extremely precise craftsmanship when it comes to jewellery-making. To Bucherer Fine Jewellery, jewels are therefore more than just attractive accessories. They are an expression of your individual, unmistakable personality and a strong statement. Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s timeless and modern creations reflect this uniqueness, spread a feeling of joie de vivre and act as lifelong companions. For more information, please visit www.bucherer.com 

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