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Established in the Canton of Geneva, in the town of Meyrin, the Chouriet SA watch factory is first and foremost the story of a family, a passion for watchmaking, and love for the Geneva region.

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Fair Lady: The beauty of dreams never fades

Like a lotus flower growing on the dark waters of a pond or a butterfly emerging out of his cocoon, beauty arises spontaneously in nature. But it also inevitably withers and disappears, unless it is transformed into something that never dies: art. The designs of the Fair Lady collection translate the forms found in nature into the language of watchmaking. Rather than to simply imitate a flower or a the wings of a butterfly, we have abstracted new patterns to inform the design of the watches, from their dials to the bracelets. The patterns sublimate the purity of frail petals and wings into the lasting beauty the craftsmanship of metal, echoing the techniques of origami and guillochage. The patterns of this collection inscribe themselves within the signature shapes of the Emile Chouriet watches, renewing and energizing them. When you wear a Fair Lady watch, you are not only wearing a beautiful jewel with a pure design, but, unsuspecting, you wear the beauty of our dreams too.

Heritier: Know the past and master the future

The Heritier collection is a tribute to the history of watchmaking in Geneva. The design of the timepieces represents an interpretation of our own heritage, drawing from the classics of the tradition to create a modern watch for today. 

Combining the elegance of timeless codes of classic watchmaking with modern designs and state of the art technology, the Heritier timepieces enhance our legacy to embody Emile Chouriet’s ethos and vision: to nurture our precious heritage and pass it on to future generations. 

Built from an ancient movement reworked with cutting edge technology to guarantee the highest contemporary quality standards, the design of these exceptional watches reveals the historical origins of the signature shapes of the Emile Chouriet collections by reinterpreting and modernising them.

Mr Right: Knows you even better than he does

Each accessory that you have carefully chosen makes up a part of your personality and enhances your life. Emile Chouriet recognizes your confidence and grace. Our newest launch, Mr. Right, is looking forward to accompanying your every moment - just like he does.

Mr. Right breaks the routine with a clean-cut square case that responds to the stepped square area around the small second hand and square buckle, reflecting the willful nature of the watch. The confidence of modern women is channeled through the fingertips of the watchmaker. An ingeniously designed wing-patterned lug connects to a textured leather strap that is paired with a man-made zircon-inlayed buckle that sparkles with feminine elegance and charm. The sides of the watch case feature an innovative fluted design. The upper and lower layers of the watch case are sandblasted and polished to create a rich sense of depth. The watchmaker’s rigorous attention to detail undoubtedly increases the difficulty of watchmaking while also enhancing the visual aesthetic of the watch. The watch shows strength and grace, just as a woman displays both confidence and elegance.

Modern women have broken the shackles of gender. They are confident and professional while also retaining gracefulness. Mr. Right is not an addition to their lives but a companion – the icing on the cake. Mr. Right knows you even better than he does.

Lac Leman: Like a jewel in the heart of Europe

This collection is a celebration of the region of Geneva and its history, a crossroad between cultures in the heart of Europe. The Lac Léman watch reminds us of the history of Mr Emile Chouriet, who had two nationalities, like Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) located in both Switzerland and France. Lake Geneva is lined by Geneva, an elegant city, and its neighbouring picturesque towns and villages sitting on its shores. It is a capital of Art and culture which are recognised throughout the world. An atmosphere of Riviera chic is felt in the design of this understated and classic watch. This collection includes complications such as a Chronograph, a Dual-Time and a Calendar. Their design puts a strong focus on details, offering the perfect embodiment of elegance. The delicacy and heritage of Emile Chouriet are expressed in this collection. 


The watchmaker Emile Chouriet is proud to support the Prix de Lausanne for the second year running to be held from January 29th to February 3rd.

Just like the Prix de Lausanne, Emile Chouriet has deep roots in the region and is world renowned. It is founded upon watchmaking expertise that has evolved with the generations and makes timepieces for export to new horizons in its Genevan factory. 


Joining UBS Bank as a major co-sponsor, the Emile Chouriet Manufacture is proud to support, for the very first time, the renowned Swiss mountain race, kicking off 12 August.

Also called “La Course des cinq 4000”, or the Race of the five 4,000-meter peaks, the Sierre-Zinal has often been considered one of the most beautiful mountain courses in the world.

Like the Sierre-Zinal, the Emile Chouriet Manufacture has solid regional roots, also enjoying an international reach. Backed by watchmaking savoir-faire that has become increasingly sophisticated through the generations.

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In 1685, Emile Chouriet opened his watchmaker’s workshop in Geneva. He made decorating pocket watches his speciality, and obtained certain components for this from François Dagobert Depéry. The range of his creative work – from enamelling to engine-turning, via the setting of pearls and the use of different coloured golds – made Emile Chouriet stand out, and he became very popular with the Geneva aristocracy. 

Movement EC5318

This mechanical movement corresponds to the perfectly assembled organs of a timepiece, its beating heart. Jean Depéry, our founder, had always dreamt of developing and producing all the components of a watch, from the simplest parts to the most sophisticated complications. 
In a bold bet on our future, a few years ago we therefore decided to launch the conception of our own in-house movement, the last step to becoming a fully independent watchmaker. This development of our mechanical movement and its assortment corresponds to the achievement of the life of passions and dreams of our founder. It opens a whole new world for the Emile Chouriet manufacture, a world of unlimited possibilities.