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The Spirit of the Holidays

You're invited to Bucherer's banquet
As we come together around the table for a soirée of entertainment and fun, we’re reminded of the true Spirit of the Holidays: joy, gratitude, and togetherness. Embrace the mood of the season and make your loved ones smile with perfect thought-out gifts that will spark beautiful memories, even after the holidays are over.

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Prepare the dinner table

After the invitations are sent and everyone confirmed, it's time to start getting the dinner party ready, without forgetting seasonal decorations and the perfect gift for each one of your guests. For someone extra special an iconic watch will be a wonderful surprise, combining exquisite artistry and sophisticated aesthetics.
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Memorable gifts

The Spirit of the Holidays will endure long after the festivities are over in the gifts you give, so make these truly count with a stunning gift. As we countdown the hours for the end of the holidays, present your loved ones with a memorable watch that surpasses time and trends. Adventurers will love precision diver watches and for city-dwellers turn to the classics that don't disappoint.
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Be the talk of the party

Cheer the festive spirit and embrace a more is more aesthetic with a majestic game of jewellery layering. Turn heads with a composition of lavish green emeralds and everlasting diamonds, stacked with sophisticated Lacrima pieces and Piaget's delicate yet starring Possession collection. Create a look that speaks to your mood and reflects the spark of the holidays.