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A homage to the fairer sex. An extremely feminine version within the brand-new Da Vinci collection is the automatic model with moon-phase display.

The history of the "Da Vinci" watch, a recognized IWC icon, dates back to 1970. The story of the most successful version of this watch line started in 1985.

The graceful design with moon-phase display was very popular among cosmopolitan ladies because many of them relied, and still rely, on the secret power of the pale natural satellite of the Earth. For 2017, IWC has launched a completely revised “Da Vinci” collection. The traditional company with its history of almost 150 years has for the first time aimed this watch line primarily at women. The flexible lugs of the 36mm stainless-steel case of the extremely feminine «Da Vinci Automatic Moon Phase» ensure maximum wearing comfort on either wrist. The solid back bears an engraving of a well-known symbol by Leonardo Da Vinci, namely the Flower of Life. Behind it, a flat, reliable and, above all, precise automatic movement ticks with a power reserve of about 40 hours. It moves the small night sky disc one position further by mechanical pulse at 12 o’clock each day. The moon depicted on the disc takes 29.5 days to move across the semicircular window in the exquisite dial with applied golden hour digits. IWC chose a bezel set with 54 brilliant diamonds as a worthy setting for the fascinating spectacle. The best comes last: the really attractive price.

Facts & figures

IWC Da Vinci Automatic Moon Phase 36, stainless steel, 54 diamonds, alligator leather strap, dial: silver, Arabic numerals, automatic movement, calibre 35800, sapphire glass, water-resistant, moon-phase display.