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The perfect gemstone for the delicate blush look
Morganite in the elegant pieces from Bucherer Fine Jewellery sparkles in various shades – from a delicate pink to a more vivid salmon colour. The gemstone of the moment, morganite, embodies the innocent, fresh blush look, alluding to the natural rosy hue of the cheeks. Look particularly stylish with feminine morganite jewellery from Bucherer Fine Jewellery, which can be wonderfully combined with different types of outfits and will never go out of fashion.

Set the trend with the popular blush look

Jewellery in pink gold with delicate pink morganite

Featuring subtle pink colours, the feminine and natural blush look is currently the major trend in cosmetics and fashion. The style is reminiscent of delicate, fragrant blossoms, sweet macaroons and elegant ballerinas. In combination with pink gold and exquisite diamonds, morganite will perfect your look. Be inspired by our elegant rings, necklaces and earrings, which will bring out your natural beauty.

Morganite – Madagascar’s treasure

The pastel-coloured morganite belongs to the beryl family – like emerald and aquamarine. Sparkling in various refreshing shades of pink, this gemstone comes in salmon-, apricot- and peach-coloured versions. With a hardness of 7.5 to 7.75 on the Mohs scale, it is quite hard and robust.

Morganite was first discovered in 1911 on an island off the coast of Madagascar, and was named after an influential New York private banker at the time, John Pierpont Morgan. The pink gemstone has been highly popular among designers and jewellery enthusiasts ever since.

Enchanting earrings in pink gold with morganites and diamonds

Morganite jewellery by Bucherer Fine Jewellery

At the Bucherer Fine Jewellery ateliers, we have been working with colour gemstones for many years, creating elegant, delicate jewellery that emphasises your personality. A piece of morganite jewellery is the perfect way to round off your look – like a hint of rouge on your cheeks.


Blush-look pieces are like the little black dress of jewellery – they can be paired with almost anything and always look fantastic.
Catherine Sackmann, Category Manager at Bucherer Fine Jewellery