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The fascinating world of emeralds

Rare gemstones at Bucherer Fine Jewellery
Emerald is the only gemstone to shine the same deep green colour as the jungle after a tropical downpour. This most majestic of all gemstones is a rare treasure that is treated with great care and expertise at Bucherer Fine Jewellery. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of emeralds.

The expansion of Bucherer’s jewellery expertise

Martin Julier, gemstone expert at Bucherer

Decades of development

Since the end of the 1980s, Bucherer has had a flourishing jewellery division, which we have used as a basis to continuously expand our expertise over the decades. Gemmologist Martin Julier has been a driving force since the very beginning, and was the man who inspired us to move into the field of colour gemstones.

A focus on colour gemstones

A man of passion, enthusiasm and great expertise, Martin Julier has been inspiring those around him to appreciate the beauty of colour gemstones for 30 years. Bucherer fell under his spell too and began to focus on these gemstones. With the support of Martin Julier’s passion and his wealth of knowledge about emeralds, this emphasis still applies to the fullest extent to this day. 


It isn’t just about an investment; it’s about respecting these values and admiring the rarity and beauty of these gemstones.


Excellent relations

Over the last few decades, Martin Julier has managed to pass on these values and this knowledge to our company, our sales staff and our customers all around the world. In the process, he always emphasises the advantages conferred by our knowledge of the market that comes from our long-standing, international supplier contacts. These relations help Bucherer Fine Jewellery to stay up to date at all times and acquire emeralds at fair prices. That is why our ateliers are able to get hold of very special, beautiful and rare specimens.

Gemstones purchased by us or acquired by customers all around the world are examined at our in-house gemmological laboratory using the appropriate tools. This enables us to continuously expand our expertise at Bucherer Fine Jewellery and apply it to our work with emeralds.


“Our strength is that we know the market very well thanks to our long-standing, international contacts with suppliers.”
Martin Julier, Head of the Gemmological Laboratory at Bucherer AG

Qualities of the majestic emerald

A Zambian emerald necklace from Bucherer

A delicate natural product

Emerald is particularly beautiful and, as a natural product, usually displays natural growth characteristics known as jardins (French for “garden”). This gemstone is therefore very vulnerable to damage and often contains inclusions and cracks. However, these are also key markers of an emerald’s authenticity and frequently reveal important information about the stone’s country of origin.

Ancient modification methods

The appearance of an untreated emerald can be influenced by means of a special procedure. Oils are used to fill fine cracks in the gemstone and smooth the surface. According to gemstone expert Martin Julier, this method was already used by Cleopatra in ancient times – she bathed her emeralds in cedarwood oil. Today, synthetic oils with even better optical properties are used to make emeralds shine a magnificent green and render their unfathomable depths more tangible.

South American and African origins

Nowadays, most emeralds originate from South America, specifically from Colombia and Brazil. Beautiful emeralds have also been found in Zambia since the 1980s. Such magnificent Zambian gemstones were used, for example, in Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s necklace, for which they were transformed with maximum precision and care into a truly unmistakeable masterpiece.

Certificate of authenticity

At Bucherer Fine Jewellery, improvements to emphasise an elegant emerald’s natural beauty are always openly declared. The stone’s origins are also always known and recorded in a neutral gemstone certificate. Immerse yourself in the world of emeralds and be inspired by our creations.

At Bucherer Fine Jewellery, we assess colour gemstones according to various criteria and estimate their value and rarity.


Learn about the criteria determining the quality of colour gemstones