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Inspiring Design

Ask a designer what influences them and you will often hear the word ‘everything’; fashion, architecture, nature, books or movies...

Text: 5 SEPT., 2017

Jewellery designers have an additional influence and that is the shape oft he stone itself. One of their key distinguishing skills is to flatter and reveal the innate beauty of a rare stone, finding the shape and setting that best brings the gem to life. 
This is particularly the case with coloured stones. An unusually large emerald or ruby will often be crafted into a shape that preserves as much of its size as possible. It could be said that certain cuts are less “wasteful” than others. 
There is the design of the stone, but the stone needs a setting and here the creative leap is much further, freer and more spectacular. One of the signs of a great house like Bucherer is the extravagance and complexity of the design of the finished piece. Something so simple in its immediately seductive wondrous beauty is also a great feat of technical expertise. And so, as with all Art, sometimes the greatest sophistication hides behind what appears on the outside to be perfectly, breathtakingly simple.