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The colour blue

The colour blue has been inspiring and fascinating people for millennia. This highly symbolic and profound colour has acquired a unique reputation with everyone from artists and poets to fashion designers and jewellery-makers. The same goes for Bucherer BLUE EDITIONS, the Bucherer watch collection created in collaboration with world-famous watch manufacturers.

Inspiration stretching back millennia

The trusted and confident colour

As the world’s most widely used communication system, colours influence our behaviour and our mood, and have a deeply moving effect on us. Yellow is the colour of the sun, of light and of life. Red signifies love and passion, but also danger. Blue stands for permanence, loyalty and trust. Blue widens our horizons and connects us with the boundless expanse of the heavens and the unfathomable depths of the oceans.

The ancient Egyptians used this colour to honour their gods in temple reliefs. Rulers of bygone ages wore luxurious blue clothing in order to appear godlike and demonstrate their power. To this day, politicians and marketing strategists continue to use this colour as a symbol of trust and hard work. Blue radiates confidence. Blue conveys a feeling of security. Blue is here to stay – forever.

Blue watches

A profound shade of blue will turn any timepiece into a truly elegant eye-catcher. Whether it is the blue strap, the blue dial or the entire piece in different hues of blue, the Bucherer BLUE EDITIONS collection will inspire both men and women alike. The extraordinary selection of blue timepieces makes Bucherer BLUE EDITIONS irresistible for confident and thoughtful wearers.

Blue jewellery

The colour blue has been dominating the world of jewellery for some time, too. Many elegant pieces of jewellery get their reputation from the blue sapphires that adorn them. The most celestial of all gemstones, it symbolises values such as purity, immortality and wisdom. These beautiful blue stones have been worn by princesses since time immemorial, like by Princess Diana in her engagement ring. Sapphires also adorn the crowns of many a queen.