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Bucherer Fine Jewellery celebrates the Lacrima diamond collection

Lacrima has been delighting our female customers with its feminine teardrop design for years. These are pieces of jewellery for the most emotional moments in life and loyal companions for every occasion. To mark Lacrima’s 10th anniversary, Bucherer Fine Jewellery has added a number of elegant anniversary creations to this successful jewellery collection, such as the white gold necklace with diamonds and pearls.

Lacrima – 10 years of jewellery full of emotions

New creations round off the collection

An elegant piece from Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s Lacrima diamond collection

Lacrima by Bucherer Fine Jewellery features delightful jewellery for every occasion

In 2007, Bucherer Fine Jewellery launched the Lacrima diamond collection, whose unmistakeable teardrop design still captures the hearts of many a woman to this day. We have continued to carefully develop Lacrima further over the years, creating a rich and vibrant jewellery collection for every occasion – be it a celebration, a leisure activity or business.

In 2017, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our Lacrima collection by adding some elegant anniversary creations. It goes without saying that Bucherer Fine Jewellery once again combined colour gemstones, various types of gold and exquisite pearls for these new pieces.

White gold necklace from the Lacrima collection

Lacrima’s pièce de résistance

To mark the collection’s 10th anniversary, Bucherer Fine Jewellery added the crowning glory to Lacrima in the form of a romantic pièce de résistance. Inspired by the morning dew, this elegant white gold necklace is made up of diamonds and pearls that look like glittering droplets of dew.

There are matching earrings and a bracelet to complement the creation. A total of 3,675 brilliant diamonds and 86 South Sea and Akoya pearls are artfully arranged in this beautiful jewellery set, softly caressing the wearer. These pieces pay testimony to Bucherer’s mastery of the art of jewellery.