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Girard-Perregaux Laureato

Sporty-chic timepieces for just about any occasion
With its origins dating back to 1791, Girard-Perregaux can proudly look back on more than 230 years of tradition. 230 years that have been characterized by a great number of innovations, groundbreaking patents and exceptionally high standards of technology. This is also the reason why Girard-Perregaux today belongs to a small circle of Swiss Haute Horlogerie brands.

A success story spanning almost fifty years

The Laureato collection in particular has proven to be a great favourite with the public over the decades, which today manifests itself in a multitude of models, sizes and materials to discover. The combination of integrated bracelet, octagonal bezel, sleek profile and noble Clous de Paris dial meets the current zeitgeist today – as it did in 1975 with the inaugural model – and enjoys unbroken popularity.

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Because sometimes less is more

Particularly with the three-hand watches, the eye is inevitably drawn to the elegant dials with their uncluttered layouts. Here, Girard-Perregaux makes use of a special type of dial embossing that creates many small pyramid-like elevations. The effect of this special Clous de Paris treatment is an inimitable play with light and a great visual depth – especially in combination with the applied indices.
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For those who like things a little more technical and playful, the Laureato chronographs are the perfect choice. The timepieces come in different sizes and colour variations, but they are united by the practical complication that allows the measurement of time intervals.