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The Journey Starts Here

Every collection starts with a special watch, and Certified Pre-owned at Bucherer is the place to find it.
Watches are no longer used as tools for telling the time. As our dependence on digital gadgets for information - such as the time of day - increases, analogue objects like luxury watches take on a deeper relevance. Timepieces are created with different technical functions, but what they communicate about the wearer’s lifestyle is just as important. These are the kinds of things our first-time customers consider when buying a certified pre-owned watch.
The popularity of Panerai is a good example; they combine Swiss technology and Italian design, and have instantly recognisable details that link them to the sea. This makes a Panerai ideal for someone who leads an active life, especially if it involves the water, but they also have a strong heritage story. Our constantly updating pre-owned collection provides access to a broad range of models like this, including entry-level designs for enthusiasts who are just at the beginning of their journey. 

Making your first serious purchase can be a big step up, but the world of luxury watches is more accessible when you buy pre-owned. Trading an unwanted watch for a different model is one popular way in, and we make the process as straightforward as possible by exchanging your old timepiece for a voucher to use at Bucherer towards the next one.    
Timepieces like a Panerai have a presence, people notice them, which is great because it gives new collectors an opportunity to share their stories. Signature details, like the oversized crown guard, are what set it apart from other sports watches. Finding out more about the influence of Italian design that inspired it is yet another example of what makes certified pre-owned watches so appealing - they teach us things.