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Get an inside perspective on the world of Bucherer and discover a curated selection of the latest trends for jewellery and watch lovers in our new video series, BUCHERER'S PICK. Our experts answer all of your burning questions and present a selection of the finest watches and pieces of jewellery.

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Engagement rings: how to find the right one

A piece of jewellery full of emotion

An engagement ring is a piece of jewellery with deep emotional associations, so choosing one requires passion and perception. In their talk, the Bucherer experts Giulia Ligori and Max Reidy will reveal how to make sure you hit the right note. Embodying the style of your partner in the cut form is not the only important consideration. It is also key that the setting and alloy correspond and it complements the wedding ring. In the video, you will find out about the different variations and discover what the most personal of all surprises looks like.

Engagement rings from Bucherer Fine Jewellery

The most beautiful way to say Yes!

The expert talk - What else is moving the watch industry?

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Sustainable revolution - watches that do good

Green watches

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