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Celebrating 20 Years of Pastello

Rich in heart, heritage and rarity
Enchanting us with glowing warmth and natural beauty, Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s Pastello collection reminds us of perfect harmony while putting the finest of sapphires and spinels in rare shades centre stage. For twenty years every gemstone featured in Pastello has been a nod to nature’s ability to create wondrous beauty, celebrating harmonious luminosity and enchanting us time and again with the subtle contrasts of its soft pastel shades.

“Waterfall”- a unique set of jewels

Marking the milestone anniversary
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Celebrating expertise and craftsmanship

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Pastello collection; Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s gemstone experts, talented jewellery designers and master artisans came together to combine gemmological expertise and exquisite craftsmanship with the finest jewellery techniques to bring “Waterfall” to life. 

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A new chapter

Starting this new chapter in the Pastello story, the balance of nature served as inspiration and is represented in the timeless yet refined design of these unique jewels as well as in the perfectly combined precious pastel sapphires it highlights. A unique set of masterpieces, featuring more than seventy rare sapphires in mesmerizing pastel hues, was designed. 

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The perfect shade

With the meticulous selection and sourcing of each gemstone in the perfect pastel shade, Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s gemstone experts mastered colour excellence once more and the harmonious combination, arising through the perfect nuances and subtle contrasts of “Waterfall” was born. 

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A lavender sapphire from Sri Lanka

With the construction of the handcrafted cascading housing, for the precious sapphires by the most experienced goldsmiths, the foundation for the gem setting was laid. While putting endless hours into skillfully setting these precious gemstones by hand, our talented gem setters created the unmistakable graceful flowing effect of “Waterfall”. The unique centre stone, an incredibly rare unheated 11.19 ct pear-cut lavender sapphire from Sri Lanka crowns the one-of-a-kind necklace.

Continuing the legacy of Pastello

A celebration of Bucherer Fine Jewellery's expertise
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Dedicated to effortlessly flatter the wearer in an exquisite expression of style and skill with its truly timeless design, “Waterfall” is a celebration of our master artisans’ expertise and dedication to detail. Continuing the legacy of Pastello, these one-of-a-kind pieces are a shining example of Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s excelling craftsmanship and undisputed gemological expertise.